Dr. Peggy Sterling R.N., O.D.


Dr. Clinton Anderson, DBA The Eye Care Professionals at the Wesley Chapel location 29154 Chapel Park Drive . All medical records and prescriptions can be obtained at his Tampa location. The Eye Dr, 4710 N. Habana Avenue, Suite 100, Tampa, Fl. Phone (813) 874-8724 and Fax (813) 877-3420.

Records from February 2019 thru October 2019
Wesley Chapel Eyecare, 33913 SR 54, Suite 102 (813)996-2020

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Dr. Sterling left her trauma nursing/ nursing supervisor position to graduate with her Doctor of Optometry degree in 1994. She opened her first solo practice in Tampa Palms and rapidly outgrew her space. She subsequently moved to the Hunter’s Green location where she built a large patient base over 12 years. She has now downsized and relocated to the Wesley Chapel location where she continues to care for the same patients. Dr. Sterling loves working with children. She has enjoyed watching them grow up, marry, and have children she now cares for.

Specializes in adult and pediatric comprehensive eye exams including pre and post op Lasik/PRK, pre and post op cataract surgery, contact lenses, eyeglasses, and diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease such as glaucoma and dry eye. She is TMOD (Treatment of Ocular Disease) certified to prescribe oral medications which many optometrists are not able to do.